Walker Gallery Visit

I went to the Walker Gallery in Liverpool, England on Sept 11th (which was when I snapped these photographs) and these artworks just blew me away: the dynamic colours, the smooth blend (no clumps) and some impecable detail. All of which is what I aspire to for creating my own illustrations.

I admire each creative style shown in the 4 pieces I photographed, purely because of the differences in linework and colour, each setting a mood that reflects upon the character of the artist. One of my favourite words to use when describing artwork is vibrant, and sure enough there is plenty of vibrancy among the pictures. I honestly didn’t expect to come to the Walker Gallery and find such amazing paintings and illustrations and I immediately thought of these as cool, as soon as I laid eyes on them. Jealousy, admiration, determination, all feelings instilled in me when I see beautiful artwork.

My particular favourites, are the two landscape illustrations, whom were made by Edward Lear because they’re so calm and depict bustling life despite being so still. Indeed, Edward Lear is one of few personal inspirations and I would aspire to be just as good as the man.

What do you think?

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