Music Review – “Nothing Is True” by Sethian

Reviewing this song to keep in the Sethian theme with yesterday’s post.

Sethian is a finnish prog metal band that formed in 1998 and released their album “Into the Silence” with Spinefarm records in 2003. Members include Tapio Wilska of Finntroll, sounding completely different out of trollish character, and Jukka Nevalainen, the drummer for Nightwish.

Nothing Is True is the forefront song of the album and looks at the one truth we all will face, Death. Alongside that, the song is about our uncertainty with life and how all the things we know about our lives and the world we live in could be falsified and undone completely. Nothing Is True questions our beliefs about the afterlife and how the very fabrics of reality unravel as people are torn apart by the one common aspect we all struggle to comprehend with and even fear, Death.

On top of that, the keyword here I believe to be “Separation”: Separated from loved ones, from our minds and even our lives. Death takes everything and in embracing our demise, we become separated from the world we used to know and all the people we used to love, to an unknown and frightening new state of consciousness in our make-believe ideals of the afterlife.

The combination of heavy guitar parts, with soft and mellodic keyboards set an operatic atmosphere to the whole song, which is quite suited for the conceptual themes of death and truth. The backing vocal sections, however short they are, act like a resonating choir singing a hymn as you would in church or religious gatherings. The slight connection with religion may hint towards the whole of religion being a fabricated concept riddled with lies and false promises that deny the real answers to us… Real answers that we may only find in death. Tapio Wilska’s strong leading voice is perfect and keeps a fluid rhythym within the song that breaks with traditional styles of singing. Ultimately, it is a well-orchestrated song that sets the album Into The Silence into a theatrical and quite gothic momentum, to where we should not fear Death if we seek to learn more about our universe.




What do you think?

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