Doodlesketchin’ #21 – Urgot fanart

Just a quick post this evening and it’s of League of Legends character, Urgot. The focus is still strongly on the shading, but I added his most prominent colour for some more personality.

Essentially, I started out with a rough sketch of a sphere for his head and when I made references to his splash art, the pieces started to fall into place. What I’m saying is that to me, the initial sketch looked bad, but as I started fleshing it out, adding the detail etc, that it really began to look good. So what I’m telling you all is to NOT be put off by how messy your rough sketch looks, as you will be able to fix that up when the finer details come in. Ultimately, just practice practice practice! πŸ˜€

6 thoughts on “Doodlesketchin’ #21 – Urgot fanart

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