Download Festival, here I come!

I shall be heading to the Download Festival in Derby, England in the next couple of days, where I will enjoy great comedy, great company and even greater music from some of the world’s leading rock, indie, screamo and metal bands around, which include Metallica, The Prodigy,.

I will probably be taking photos of various activities and bands playing so this is a forewarning if the picture quality of the angles get skewed. Of course, I will be drawing some stuff while I’m there aswell… I may very well just find inspiration from the things I see or the people I meet (hoping to meet some nice people). I’ll post the best stuff onto my blog and I will post the whole content to my DeviantArt account.

It’ll arrive in my “Reflective Journal” section in “About Me,” so look there for next monday’s post 🙂

This does mean I will have no internet access from Wednesday – Sunday so I shall see you all soon.



Download Festival :

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