My stamp – Step 8

This has been a long time coming, so I won’t keep you waiting any more. I have been busy as usual, but that also means I have worked alot on my art projects. This piece is nearly complete (80%) and I shall aim to get it finished within the next 4 weeks. So without further ado, here is the next step:

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There isn’t so much left to comment on, since it’s all pretty straightforward from here. Just take in mind that when you finish off drawing and inking your artwork, if you want to colour it afterwards, or finish it off in black and white. For mine, I haven’t decided on either yet. I’m just proud of myself for FINALLY drawing some hands right… go me. More music-oriented stuff shall come in the next step, as well as video game ideas of course, being an avid gamer and everything :).

‘Till next time!

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