A small guide on Facebook

I presume that everyone has heard of Facebook at least ONCE in recent times. For all those that are new to Facebook, need some help, or don’t what Facebook is, then I am here to help. With this help guide, I will explain what Facebook is, how to register, how to edit information, how to find/add friends and how to talk to friends on Facebook, as well as general information.

Facebook is an online social networking and file sharing website, where people can keep in touch with friends, family, fans, etc. Every user’s account is personal, as you can edit profile information with things such as education and career status. As well as that, you can upload pictures and videos and then share them with friends or associate certain files with friends by “tagging” them in a picture or video.

Ok, so to sign up, there’s a couple of steps to take. Here is the front page:

Conveniently, it is also the front page for Facebook. Ok, so you can see some graphics and login bars at the top, but what you should focus on are all the text boxes on the veered right. The first step is to simply fill out the information accordingly. You will need your name, your email (to activate the account and receive updates from Facebook), a password, then select your gender and age. Secondly, follow the directions on the website and Facebook will send you an email to activate your account. To do this, go to your email’s inbox, open the message and then click on the link to activate.  At any time after you register, you can change your password, email and other information whenever you like.

Now let’s see what you can do after that. You can now edit your profile information, so I’ll show you.

This is the layout for your Facebook profile, or “Timeline” as it’s called, but this is a new feature to Facebook. To change any information, click “Update Info” next to your name at the top. Once you’ve clicked that, you will have this screen:

Every box is specific to your life, from relationships, to work and education and including an “about you” box for custom text. All you have to do to change ANY of it, is simply click edit and type away. Click “Finished Editing” when you are done and Facebook will load all your changes to your timeline. The good thing about sites like Facebook, is that the user-friendly interface will make things easier for you, the user.

One more piece of help to get you started and that is… Adding friends. Must not forget about talking to them too. Let’s take a look:

 When you view another user’s profile, the top section displays a cover photo, their photo and name, a little about himself or herself and extras. To add them as a friend, click “add friend” and it will change to “Friend request sent” when it’s been sent to the person. Next to that you can spot “Message” which if you click on that, it will begin the process of you creating a message to send to that person.

Now you will see a box like this to my right here:

Type whatever you like and then click “send” and there you have it. You have sent a message to your friend.

Easy peasy right? Well take in mind that you will have to wait for said person to accept your friend request before you two are friends. This has been my basic guide on Facebook and I hope it helps you all feel somewhat less confused on how it is operated. As always, I am here if you need any more help or advice. See you next time!

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