Doodlesketchin’ #20 – LoL Fanart, Ziggs

This is from a video game called League of Legends and it’s my main video game I play on a regular basis. It’s kind of a big thing for me, so it was only time I started some fanart for the game. Like I said a second ago, started… So here it the first bearings of a sketch I did of one of the characters called Ziggs.

I chose Ziggs because the appeal of his madness and the goggles were too much to resist. He has a cool design and I wanted to try my hand at my OWN version of him. I started with the goggles because they are the most alluring part to the whole drawing. I have to make a couple of alterations, mostly related to his nose… Just move it up and a little to the right and change the shape a bit, but that can come in a future post when I have this finished. I was unsure of how I would perceive this drawing, but after some detail and shading, I really like the look of Ziggs so far. So far, I have only used a HB pencil and I’m not going to use graphite pencil because they smudge, so unless I find a drawing pencil set, this is the only material I will use. I’m using multiple shading techniques, like dashed and cross-hatched so I can add more texture and make a better blend of shading where it is needed. Well, that’s all I got for you folks, talk to you again next time.


If you’re curious about the game I am talking about, visit

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