My Stamp – Step 7

Quite a load of new drawings added to the whole picture and I finally thought of a little design change that will give this piece something called “consistency.” It’s all about me and my life, so the design idea is to have everything enveloped in a thought bubble (represented by clouds) and that will give a common theme throughout so it’s not so cluttered.

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With the cloud-like thought bubble, I can incorporate other aspects of the art to interact with it to portray outside interferences. I have a monster trying to rip its way through into my mind and that’s just an example. I’m starting to add my musical influences and I have plans to add video game influences as well, but I’m not quite prepared for that yet since I need to update some details overall to fit the clouds in.

And the informative part:

Just keep in mind what it that creating and do your best to add a theme to show consistency so there’s little feelings of clutter and mess and that’ll polish any artwork off with a tad more professionalism. Once you do that, the content of the artwork is entirely up to you. As stated earlier, I’m using a thought bubble and clouds to give my art piece  a theme of “thought” and that’s how my work will keep consistent and professional. As much as I just go and do things on this paper, I don’t go too far off on a tangent or people will miss the point entirely.

Until next time…

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