Igniting the Flames of WW3

With what is going on in the Arab Spring, the question that needs asking is “Are we on the verge of World War 3?” The leak of a video of Gaddafi’s final moments, we witnessed barbarism that makes a surprising amount of the world’s population feel sympathy for one of the world’s cruellest men. It is as classic example of whether they are deemed heroes, or people just as savage as the man the NTC tried to overthrow.

Captured in his hometown of Sirte, he was subjected to brutal beatings with fists, kicking and the barrels of guns before he died of gunshot wounds to the face and chest. The daily mail wrote an article online, showing leaked, raw footage of the former dictator being brutally beaten by his captors (to which I shall show the link here):


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Originally, many of the western world who saw the first leaked footage of men discovering Gaddafi’s body in ditch, we think that it’s a relief that he’s gone. However, even after watching those videos, many human rights activists would feel a serious breach in human rights ethics no matter what sort of person Gaddafi was. NTC fighters in what appears to be a massacre, which has human rights activists demanding answers for their slaughter, are targeting fighters still loyal to the deceased former leader:


We now return to the question brought up earlier, which is “Could Gaddafi’s ‘Execution’ be the spark of WW3?” The video footage and news articles posted on the Internet support the belief that the NTC are scrutinized by the western world as a shady government that aren’t particularly evil…but neither would they be valiant heroes. But to be completely unbiased, the world is playing witness to the masses of chaos in Libya and Syria, as this could be the pinnacle for something greater in the man’s history.

Now events turn to Syria and its people. Many are inspired by the Syrian people’s strength and will, as they fight against a turbulent government that has committed mass genocide in their self-belief to relieve control from the rebels.


But unlike Libya, the UN has not stepped in to help Syria as the aftereffects of such intervention could bitter relationships between the world’s powers. On one side, we have America and Europe who want to step in to save Syria, while we have Russia and China who back Assad. There are rumours and speculation that the reason the west has not intervened in Syria, but has so in Libya is because Libya has vast amounts of oil. David Dietz, a middle-eastern reporter for PolicyMic.com has stated, “Some have argued that the reason the West has stepped in to save Libya is that, unlike Syria and Yemen, Libya has vast amounts of oil.”

Quite contrary to what many believe, the graduate of Georgetown University has also mentioned “The inaction in Syria however is a different kind of self-interest. Many in the West see Assad as the only option in Syria, worried that the corrupt and murderous strongman is the sole leader who can hold Syria together… The realists claim that if Assad is overthrown, a power vacuum could emerge, providing Iran an opportunity to further meddle and spread its influence in Syria. Thus, many analysts say the West must ignore the protesters’ cries for freedom, accept the repression of the government, and taciturnly support Assad through non-action or face the strong possibility an Iranian-Syrian alliance.” This is another perspective that not many people would have thought of and could raise new threat levels for the Syrian people and the west that want to get involved, for whatever reasons they deem justified. With this in mind, there are thoughts and rumours drifting around that we suspect the Russians and Chinese to back Assad because they have a large monetary investment in Syria and vice versa.


The great success that the NTC had against Gaddafi (with help from the UN and NATO) has sparked courageous rebellion in Syria that has so far, been a massacre as helpless sheep get slaughtered by the wolves. Though because of their courageous fighting, it would be more fitting to describe them metaphorically as cubs fighting against the lion. This now puts pressure on the UN to help again; since they implanted hope within the Arab Spring rebellion when rebels fighters for the NTC in Lybia captured and killed Gaddafi. As compelled that many countries are to send assistance, the rocky relationships with the eastern powers could crumble and create a war that would have far more catastrophic results than what is just going on in Syria.

What we should see is that the death of Gaddafi sparked hope within the people affected by the Arab Spring… hope that we implanted. It is now up to us to decide if it is false hope, or the emergence of a new significant part of human history.

The western world must go to Syria and save them from imploding into civil war. Relations have all but dissipated with Russia and China, so the UN should find a diplomatic way around or be prepared to go to Syria without them. This may spark the flame for World War 3, but as thousands of people are dying in Syria already, there is no choice, no peaceful option and no backing down. The UN set the wheels in motion and they can’t just engage the handbrake on this one.

It’s now time to return to the big question once more: “Could Gaddafi’s ‘Execution’ be the spark of World War 3?” All the evidence points to “Yes” but it is too soon to say as the world is on a hinge as to who will make the first move. As Syria is descending more into chaos and death, it is all looking like ‘War or War’ on both sides. Regardless, the killing will not stop and will get worse unless the UN acts now.

What do you think?

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