Doodlesketchin’ #6 (Update Version)

Since the previous post, I have been working on my tornado sketch and I added more depth and detail, so for this blog post, it’s more of an update than a new creation. Regardless, I hope you like the changes:

It’s darker, smoother and more defined. The debris is a little more detailed and the wind strokes are more easily visible and to me, this makes it a more professional piece. Do you think it’s good enough to buy? I think it does, but you guys let me know 🙂 . The more I work on drawings, the more refined my skills become and I wouldn’t have thought to combine charcoal and graphite pencil together 3 or so years ago (when I was young). Now I’m growing a little older and heading out of my teenage years, I’m feeling more experimental while sticking to my regimes and styles of drawing. Comments are always apreciated and I’ll see you tomorrow.

What do you think?

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