Daily Doodlesketch #13 (NEWS!)

Hey there readers. I have come to some conclusions about my doodles that a daily doodle is a bit too much for some, so I have came to a solution. Daily Doodlesketches are NO MORE! Yeah, and instead I shall replace it with doodles/sketches being posted every Monday, Thursday and Sunday so I get more time to each one and the content isn’t flooding your feeds. I shall call it… Doodlesketchin’  !!! Good name right? Haha.

So let’s say goodbye to DDS with my submission for Sunday 5th February…

… And quite befitting of the last one. A doodle of me in slumber and symbolizing DDS’ permanent slumber. It’s a simple and quick sketch, but doesn’t make it any less meaningful. So with the start of a new week, comes the fresh start of my new blogging routine. OH! Don’t worry, when I have other content to post besides my Doodlesketchin’ then I will be sure to post it. Thanks for reading so far and please pass it around to everybody 🙂 . See you next week!

What do you think?

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