Daily Doodlesketch #11

Again, apologies for no #11 on Thursday. Well, for Friday 3rd of February we have another content submission that I’m eager to show you all, so have a look.

I went to see the band Edguy yesterday (that’s why I was exhausted) and it was THE best show I have ever seen. The singer, Tobias Sammet (my idol) was utterly brilliant and he sounded exactly like he did on his albums. It’s unique because most music artists sound good on an album because of special effects, but sound really poor on a live gig… BUT Tobias doesn’t! I thoroughly enjoyed the show and that is why this is my DDS as I am still thinking about that show. The drawing is inspired from watching and hearing Tobias Sammet sing and it was truely a joy. I bought a posable hand mannequin which helps me with my hand poses and hopefully, you can see the improvement in my hands on this doodle. I hope you have enjoyed this piece as I know I enjoyed sketching it.

What do you think?

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