Daily Doodlesketch #5

Starting to complete quite a few of these, getting better and better as I go. This one is more bold in terms of text for Friday 27th of January, so let’s have a look.

The blazing sun has nothing to do with the whole idea, it’s just when you think of “burn” and sweating, you could imagine a blazing sun with a scorched soil thought alongside that. I did a lot of walking today and I definitely felt the burn in my heart (as well as some sweat on my back). The faces are meant to be something of just stupidity since I was just shuffling about my house after the walking (1hour 30 minutes of it!). You will notice there are 2 of me and it’s meant to picture the thoughts in my head as I was making these treks and some of the letters have cheery (or un-cheery) faces to encourage me. I am just random when it comes to creativity, so really alot of it is just novelty.

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