Daily Doodlesketch #3 (sorry it’s late)

I was away from home so I couldn’t post it until early in the morning when I got back home. This is for Wednesday 25th of January’s edition of DDS and I am more than happy to share yet another quirky doodle with all my viewers (and possible new ones). With that being said, let’s head on to it!

“She’s like a demon, with a magic touch, a magic hold over me…

This is a small cartoon-like drawing of my girlfriend, whom has quite the aggressive and somewhat devilish demeanor, but deep down inside she is loving and caring and I am happy to be her lover (awww). It’s meant to say that even though she has a bad side and sometimes the bad side in her lashes out, that I can bear through it as I see the good in her and I will love her for who she is… And that message goes to my readers aswell, so love a person for who they are and aim to see the good in everyone. I drew a previous drawing depicting her as a devil and she was quite charmed by it and chuckled, so I carried on the theme of her persona with the horns, wings and the (supposedly) horrific skulls. There are a couple of orbiting floating crystals to symbolize that she has a hidden and magical allure to her and it certainly attracts me. The more I draw these doodles, the more I define my art style when it comes to cartoony pieces. Hope you enjoy this one, so look forward to tomorrow’s (or later today’s, haha).

What do you think?

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