Daily Doodlesketch #2

Here’s another daily submission, now for Tuesday 24th of January and I upped-the-anty on this one with a little more detail and quirkiness. I’m gaining some quirky skills in my drawing techniques and the more I draw these things, the better I will get at drawing… safe to say that when you look at this, you’ll see what needs improving, haha.

I was enjoying a pleasant driving lesson with my instructor and it reminded me of one of my lessons where I accelerated towards a roundabout thinking it was my right-of-way and my instructor hit the brakes because another young driver was doing the same thing, but was faster. The crazy-eyed joy in my face is an exageration, as well as my instructor’s dissapointed face but he was quite mellow about the mistake and explained what I did wrong and what the other driver did wrong. YES my car drawings are a bit… unproportionate, but I’m getting there. This whole doodle is just an exageration of what is normally an average driving lesson.

What do you think?

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