A new idea: Daily Doodlesketch

I came up with this idea as a way to keep my drawing skills in practice (even if they’re doodles) and it’ll give you some regular content to read/view. Essentially, I will take the best aspect from the day and/or the emotion I am feeling at that moment and I will doodle it and make a small post on here. It’ll help me keep connected with followers and colleagues, as well as connect to new admirers and readers can get a different view on my day to day life. As far as material, it all depends upon myself and I use whatever I feel like… But right now I’ll stick to my sketchpads and pen&pencils.

On a side note to promote regular activity on my twitter, I shall write a tweet for morning, afternoon and evening each day and maybe that’ll be the kick in the backside I need. Who knows what I will write about, since I don’t even know myself.

Well there’s a little something for you to look forward to, just make sure to pass my blog around to your friends and I will be grateful. As for today’s DD, it shall arrive later this evening.

What do you think?

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