What’s going on?

Safe to say, the dust has been gathering on this blogsite, despite my self-pleas to reinvigorate my enthusiasm. I don’t know whether it’s because of my keenness to my art, college, video games or a mix of all that kept me away. It’s like I just didn’t get the feeling anymore, as if this just faded from my memory, becoming replaceable. However, I ignited my passion for blogging again when I started connecting all my social networking sites (twitter, Facebook, etc.) together to promote more use of the internet for myself. From now, it’ll be easier for me to be active and more fun, so I shall be posting on twitter, Facebook and this blog more regularly… I even have some extra photographs and artwork to post up onto here.

If you missed me, well tough! But I am back now and back for the better and I’ve missed you guys too. You may have noticed the new appearance of the blog and that’s because I decided on a fresh look, using my own creative photographs. Every time I look at the pages, the mellow vibe relaxes me and I grow to appreciate my own work more. Speaking of work, I should get around to posting some artwork in the commissions section… infact REWORK the whole thing! My tastes in art have developed a bit over my absence and I have a better idea of what I want to achieve with this blog, so expect some significant changes.

I shall very much enjoy blogging more often, even if most of it could be random dribble about odd events in my life or such. See you guys and gals soon.

What do you think?

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