Another catchup…

Time has been flying slowly by, like  shipwreck in an ocean… though with not as nice scenery because of the recent rainfall. But we have been having the occasional good weather when the sun blazes out, meaning I can sit in the garden and draw or take photos, sipping on my favourite drink… JUICE!

As for drawing, it’s coming along fine and I do like how my skills are developing, but just not fast enough. I guess it’s just a case of booting my own buttocks out of bed, or from my drowsy shuffles around the house, haha. In saying that, I do have some plans/ things to draw so it’s time to get enthusiastic!

Though being lazy most of the time, I have settled myself into an excercise routine that I can enjoy and work out on daily, so I’ve been keeping fit (being one productive activity in my summer holiday). I’m going to get fitter and healthier, with some more muscle so that when I go to a couple of music festivals this summer, I’ll have a decent and healthy body to show off -wink wink-. All vain-ness aside, I’m single and I plan to make an effort on finding a girl… a girl that’s right for me.

This summer holiday, I plan to change my life: gain more artistic skill and develop myself as a young professional, work on my personal health, gain new friends and new memories. If I put my mind to it, I can definitely make it.


As always, if you’re curious to check out my artwork or photography (nothing professional on it yet), then visit this link:

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