Liverpool Project

I’ve now brought my college work onto this wordpress blog for easier use.

Our current project is a photography one of our city, Liverpool. The aim is to “create” an image from Liverpool based on research and ideas so we can see the city in our own perspective. I took about 165 photos of the great city itself and only managed to trim it down to roughly 40 favourites (or good shots). What I was thinking, was just to spam the digital shutter out of the darn thing, but trying to capture odd outlooks on Liverpool: unusual angles that you’d never normally take notice off and just provide a variety of angles, lighting and views. With one thing in mind, that all photos had to have a unique perspective, I set out with a creative and imaginative mind for capturing the buildings and quirkyness of a charming and “colourful” cityscape.  Here are some initial photographs I took as research and to get the brain’s juices flowing.

What do you think?

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