An Idea : Giving something back


Now i'm excited to think, talking about someone else than me.

As I myself am starting my attempts to break into the media industry, I feel that along the way and throughout my career, that it would be helpful and considerate to do something for someone else. So I’m deciding to create a page devoted to promoting other people’s creative designs or artwork. Beneficial for the two of us, since it gains me more viewers and attracts more attention for the creative person, as recognition for their skills. It’s in my nature/personality to help others and I get a smile from doing so and you feel good helping someone out for the better, so why not? As well as that, it’s interesting to see who I can find either on the internet or out and about, who could be the next breakout genius in the industry. This gets me excited and eager to begin, so for now I shall be searching for willing and enthusiastic people. So viewers, look forward to some upcoming brilliance.


3 thoughts on “An Idea : Giving something back

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