My expectations:

Everything nowadays involves some sort of concept art and I like this sort of thing. You get the idea of a basic trail of thought: research, pre-production, design…. the big three. Most people don’t see as much skill being implemented on the computer or the internet… but believe me it takes JUST AS much skill and effort, if not more than traditional methods. The software provided by Adobe is now a part of our designing lives: Photoshop and Illustrator are major pieces of software that are used all over the world and provide us with the means to create beautiful artwork or cool and funky designs for other things like posters, cards or even just a small doodle for humour.

Now I think I mentioned (if I haven’t before, then here we go), that I wanted to be an animator/illustrator when I have gained the skills I need for this type of career. There is a particular video game on the internet called “League Of Legends,” which was developed by talented Riot Games inc. This is a video that was posted on youtube to show the effort being put into making artwork like this for their game. It is basically concept art made for one of the characters on this video game. Here is the video and take some time to look at it:

This is basically the exact thing I would like to do when I have advanced in my career: to build a piece of art like this from scratch, using the Adobe Photoshop software. This took the designer a whole working day to complete but you see the effort and detail put into every part of this work and you get a sense of admiration, respect… with a hint of jealousy. When I first saw it, I thought: “Damn… Now I REALLY want to do something like that. I’m glad I chose this media course.” I was impressed with this artwork so much, that I commented on the League of Legends forums about this thread. Given the time (and the drive to impress), I could do something like this too, in the future. After watching this artwork video, I feel all the more inspired to carry on my journey, my learning curve and continue on building my yellow brick road to the height of my childhood dreams.

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