The prospect of Blogging

Back in the old days, newspapers and radio were the only forms of media and collecting information. But now as our technology advances, we have multiple options to extract the information we want. With the invention of the internet, we now have blogging as a form of communicating with one another and gathering resources of interest. In my opinion, it is a modern and very easy, very popular way of communication and research. Being relatively new to the blogging scene, I have yet to fully understand its effectiveness in making a difference… but the prospects are there. Reknowned bloggers and artists can maximise their blog’s uses to earn them income, as popular blogs can be embedded with advertisements (which earns the blogger income) for every viewing.

Bloggers can also make a subscription for their blogs that viewers can apply to and this can also increase a person’s income. You can basically work from home, communicating about something you adore and making decent pay out of it. But that raises the question: is blogging a way of earning money lazily? Well not really, as it’s quite hard to manage a blog. Sure enough it’s easy to create one… but only professionals can manage a blogging site to a professional standard, so that people recognise this person’s talents. You can think that bloggers are just lazy, but it does take quite some technical skill to manage a blogging site and may also involve other skills: a good literate mind, graphic skills, etc. All in all, blogging is the media of the future and as the years fly by, it will gain influence as a strong source of media and gathering information… it will be beneficial for all.

What do you think?

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